The operating company of PARK INNOVAARE


innovAARE AG

Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare is a commercial project managed by innovAARE AG, an independent legal entity. Founded in 2015, innovAARE has 40 shareholders, among them governmental bodies, research institutions, and SMEs and large companies. The majority of the company shares are held in private ownership.

The goal of the company is to ensure the successful development of the innovation site. This includes developing and managing the real estate and the focused service portfolio for high-tech ventures, as well as "Switzerland Innovation" brand promotion and network expansion.

innovAARE AG

Board of Directors

Dr. Christian Brönnimann

President of the Board of Directors

Members of the Board of Directors

Hans Peter Fricker
Prof. Dr. Daniel Halter
Dr. Michael Ladwig
Dr. Stefan Linder
Prof. Dr. Christian Rüegg
Andrea Tranel
Dr. Stefan Ramseier
Michael Treutner

Board of Directors

Benno Rechsteiner, PhD


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Benno Rechsteiner_Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare

Alexander Schavkan, PhD

Business Development & Innovation Manager

Alexander Schavkan_Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare

Debora Meier

Business Development & Marketing Manager 

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Debora Meier_Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare

Nina Müller

Communication & Network Manager

Nina Mueller / Communications & Network

Pascal Lüthi

Real Estate Manager

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Pascal Luethi_Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare

Anastasija Baumgartner

Human Resources Manager

Anastasija Baumgartner_Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare