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Novel Accelerators for Electron Diffraction workshop at PARK INNOVAARE

Understanding how matter creates life requires observing living cells with atomic detail. There are many ways to do so, but one possibility has been gaining...

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PARK INNOVAARE: regional economic impact of the fast-growing innovation ecosystem

Starting with two technology companies in September 2015, PARK INNOVAARE has shown quite a positive development so far. Today, PARK INNOVAARE counts a...

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International success: Advanced Accelerator Technologies closes significant deal with Chinese customer

Advanced Accelerator Technologies AG (AAT), one of the high-tech companies located at PARK INNOVAARE, has finalized a contract with a Chinese company to...

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World Cancer Day, Feb 4th: New tumor treatments ahead

On February 4, World Cancer Day will draw attention to a disease that affects many people and their families. Tumors of various forms claim many victims...

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Next week, Start-up Village, Russia’s most important start-up and innovation fair, will take place in Moscow. Every year, it gathers thousands of guests,...

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Accelerator technology - an enabler of innovation

During an information event for partners and shareholders on Thursday, 14th April 2016, at PARK INNOVAARE: deliveryLAB, Dr. Udo Klein gave a presentation...

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