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CondenZero at Park Innovaare

Author: Daniela Muthreich
condenZero at Park Innovaare
Left to right: Florian Gegier Key Account Manager Park Innovaare, Dominik Biscette CEO and Co-Founder condenZero, Denys Sutter CEO and Co-Founder condenZero and Alexander Schavkan Business Development Park Innovaare

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Cryo-experiment increases cooling time to 24 hours, condenZero offers research and industry new possibilities and strengthens the ecosystem of the park

CondenZero, as the name already suggests, is about extremely cold temperatures, about the absolute zero point of -273 °C. In cryo-TEM (transmission electron microscopy), a research tool to study molecules/proteins (drug development) and materials, these temperatures can only be sustained for about 15 minutes, which significantly limits scientists. CondenZero invented a cooling technology to enable cryo-experiments to last up to 24 hours instead of 15 minutes. The team has also already sold prototypes of this technology and is in the development phase of a scalable standard product.

On the trail of new materials

Currently, condenZero is building an experimental system where the cryo-sample holder is combined with a secondary product that shapes magnetic fields around the sample. Both products are crucial to enable the study of new materials with exotic magnetic properties, such as “skyrmions” – a quantum entity in atomic physics that promise data storage at much higher densities than ever before. Another potential research field is the study of magnetic nanoparticles, e.g. for localized drug-delivery in the human body.

CondenZero and PSI

From 2024, condenZero will be at the Park Innovaare - the contract has been signed. Denys Sutter, CEO and Co-Founder of condenZero, says: “We look forward to advancing our cryogenic technology for electron microscopy together with cryo-experts from CERN and PSI. With the Park Innovaare infrastructure, condenZero can strengthen its ties to PSI and test new cryo-TEM products in a mutually beneficial fashion. PSI will, with its prevalent TEM expertise and state-of-the-art helium recovery infrastructure, be an important partner for condenZero. We are grateful for these opportunities.”

Large research facilities and technical progress, advantage of our ecosystem

The Swiss Free Electron Laser (SwissFEL) facility is expected to generate breakthroughs in our understanding of ultrafast photochemistry, photobiology and condensed matter dynamics. CondenZero is a good example when it comes to promoting technology transfer between research and industry. Today's markets demand ever faster and more efficient solutions in the implementation of product developments. Scientific research is thus the basis for progress. Building on its results, it gives rise to technologies, innovations, and applications. Basic research serves far more than simply gaining knowledge because new technologies are created around the large-scale research facilities, such as at PSI. An advantage of the ecosystem at the park is PSI with its large-scale research facilities and an unusually high number of experts. All companies that will settle down businesses at the park can benefit from this advantage.

condenZero was founded 2019 as a spin-off company of the Laboratory for Quantum Matter Research of the University of Zurich in Switzerland. Their field of expertise includes the development and production of scientific instruments and components for research applications in ultra-high vacuum and cryogenic conditions.