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Park Innovaare filling up – ANAXAM an attractive partner

Author: Daniela Muthreich
ANAXAM signed contract at Park Innovaare
left to right: Prof. Dr Frithjhof Nolting, president of ANAXAM, Dr Christian Grünzweig CEO of ANAXAM, Dr Benno Rechsteiner, CEO of Park Innovaare and Florian Gegier, Key Account Manager Park Innovaare

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Park Innovaare filling up – ANAXAM an attractive partner

ANAXAM will be moving into expanded offices and purpose-built rooms in Park Innovaare in 2024. Dr Christian Grünzweig, CEO of ANAXAM, Prof. Dr Frithjhof Nolting, president of ANAXAM and Dr Benno Rechsteiner, CEO of Park Innovaare, met to sign the contract. ANAXAM is an attractive partner for the Park’s ecosystem.

The technology transfer centre ANAXAM is a prime example of the potent synergies between research and industry. ANAXAM utilises PSI’s large-scale research facilities to provide highly advanced analytical techniques using neutron and synchrotron radiation. ANAXAM’s focus is on offering analytical services to support both product and process optimisation. Industry can benefit from high-precision material analytics well beyond the scale of conventional industrial laboratories, giving them new ways of meeting mounting cost pressure or rigorous quality requirements.

ANAXAM – attractive partner for the Park’s ecosystem

Economic growth and progress are increasingly based on both individual and collective know-how created by research and development, as reflected in the offering of innovative technologies and services. In these times of digitalisation and more rapid development of technological possibilities, knowledge and technology transfer is becoming ever more critical, as companies need to stay competitive not only today, but also in the future. “We are delighted that ANAXAM is staying in Park Innovaare, as the exchange of knowledge between industry and research speeds up innovation. If technological advances can be integrated into industrial structures, companies can continuously refresh their competitiveness. The services provided by the ANAXAM technology transfer centre give businesses a competitive edge in know-how, making ANAXAM an attractive partner for any company planning to move to the Park in future,” comments Dr Benno Rechsteiner, CEO of Park Innovaare.

Networking – social contacts as a business accelerator

Not just companies, but also industry associations, network organisations, innovation centres, universities and research institutes can all become members of ANAXAM. An efficient network provides access to additional contacts, which in turn create new networks or extend existing ones. Since this approach fits perfectly with Park Innovaare’s efforts to build a flourishing ecosystem to benefit all companies located there, the Park has decided to become a member of ANAXAM as well. “We want companies in our network to have a competitive advantage when it comes to information, thereby promoting business ideas or supporting knowledge transfer. As far as our ecosystem goes, social contacts act as business accelerators, so membership of ANAXAM is simply another piece of the puzzle in building this system. We therefore look forward to future events and are glad to have a good dialogue partner in ANAXAM,” Dr Rechsteiner adds.

Switzerland Innovation – Driving the pace of innovation

Switzerland achieved a score of 64.6 points in the Global Innovation1 Index 2022, maintaining its first place in the rankings. The competitiveness of Swiss industry plays a central role, and is vitally important for the economy’s growth and prosperity. The key word here is education. Swiss schools and universities are some of the best in the world and provide the foundation for its strong track record in innovation. For top-class education and research to deliver commercially successful products and services, however, universities and research institutes need to collaborate with industry as efficiently as possible. The services provided by ANAXAM fill precisely this gap.

ANAXAM started life in December 2019. The acronym ANAXAM stands for “Analytics with Neutrons and X-rays for Advanced Manufacturing”. It was founded by the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI), the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW), the Swiss Nanoscience Institute (SNI), the Canton of Aargau and various other partners. As part of the federal government’s action plan on digitalisation, ANAXAM, as a national technology transfer centre, receives financial support from both federal government and the canton. To foster collaboration with industry and SMEs, ANAXAM makes use of the PSI infrastructure in the field of neutron and X-ray radiation.