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Switzerland Innovation

Author: Daniela Muthreich
Switzerland Innovation
Switzerland Innovation all parcs

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Switzerland Innovation is an organization that aims to strengthen Switzerland’s innovation capabilities and promote collaboration between universities, research institutions, and companies. It is a network of innovation parks and locations in Switzerland specifically designed to support the development and commercialization of technology innovations.

Switzerland Innovation provides infrastructure and services for companies to translate research outcomes into marketable products and services. The organization acts as a catalyst for knowledge and technology transfer between academics, researchers, and the business community. It enables companies to access expertise, resources, and networks to advance their innovation projects.

The innovation parks of Switzerland Innovation specialize in specific technology areas such as life sciences, information technology, robotics, or energy technology. Each innovation park offers a unique infrastructure, access to highly skilled professionals, laboratory facilities, and other resources to support companies in the development and implementation of their innovative ideas.

Through close collaboration between companies, universities, and research insitutions, Switzerland Innovation contributes to strengthening Switzerland’s innovation landscape and positioning the country as a leading innovation hub globally. The organization works closely with various partners, including universities, companies, investors, and government agencies, to create dynamic innovations in Switzerland.



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