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General Assembly of innovAARE AG

Author: Daniela Muthreich
Shareholders of Park Innovaare, General Assembly 2023
Shareholders of Park Innovaare, General Assembly 2023

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On June 22nd, the 8th ordinary General Assembly of innovAARE AG, the operating company of the future innovation campus Park Innovaare, took place in Villigen (AG). The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Christian Brönnimann, declared the General Assembly open and was confirmed for another year after approval of all the Board's proposals. Dr. Fabian Möller from AEW Energie AG was newly elected to the Board of Directors.

The participants expressed satisfaction with the development of Park Innovaare and look forward, along with representatives of some member companies, to moving into the new building at the beginning of 2024. During the following aperitif, all participants enjoyed networking opportunities under perfect weather conditions on the terrace of the deliveryLAB.

New technologies shape the future – Aargau well positioned

Through the innovation campus Park Innovaare, innovAARE AG provides technology companies with infrastructure and a network to quickly transform ideas into marketable products and services. The park acts as a catalyst for knowledge and technology transfer between academics, researchers, and the business sector. This will create highly qualified jobs in Aargau, enhancing the attractiveness and value creation of the canton.

Switzerland Innovation

As the umbrella organization for a total of six parks in Switzerland, the privately funded foundation Switzerland Innovation aims to create a platform for university research and development for national and international companies, thus implementing the guidelines of Swiss research and innovation promotion policy. Each innovation park specializes in specific technology areas, offering unique infrastructure, access to highly skilled professionals, laboratory facilities, and other resources to support companies in the development and implementation of their innovative ideas. The infrastructure of Park Innovaare caters to different needs, combining vibration-free cleanrooms and temperature-stable laboratories with modern office space. The building complex will be ready to move in early 2024.