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Swiss PIC advances establishment at Park Innovaare

Author: Daniela Muthreich
Swiss PIC signed contract at Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare
Dr. Peter Moselund, Christian Bosshard, Robert Rudolph, Florian Gegier

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The Swiss Photonic Integration Center Swiss PIC confirms the establishment of its cleanrooms at Park Innovaare. With over 100 square meters of space and an investment of 6.5 million Swiss Francs in packaging and testing equipment, Swiss PIC, as a technology transfer center, promotes the exchange between industry and research. Serving as a central hub, Swiss PIC will provide consultation and services in Photonic Packaging and Integration to the local and European photonics community in the future.

The Swiss Photonics Integrations Center (Swiss PIC), a technology transfer center in development, continues its founding process and plans to set up its cleanrooms for integrating optical components. The use of these cleanrooms is geared not only toward integration but also toward optimizing the development and manufacturing of photonic technologies. This approach promises significant benefits for businesses and research institutions in Switzerland. Swiss PIC’s strategic initiative manifests its comprehensive commitment to fostering innovations and creating a dynamic photonics community. CEO Dr. Peter Moselund and President Christian Bosshard signed the contract during a pre-Christmas apéro.

Swiss PIC and Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare – future challenges

CEO Dr. Peter Moselund envisions Switzerland Innovation Park Innovaare as a future center for Swiss innovation in photonics. He hopes that a wide range of companies will settle there, benefiting from both Swiss PIC’s photonic integration services and the cleanrooms of Swiss PIC and the cleanrooms of the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI: When asked about the role Swiss PIC aims to play within the park’s business ecosystem, Dr. Peter Moselund stated, “Swiss PIC is a service provider supporting photonic chip companies in packaging their products, enabling their lab demonstrators to be transformed into pre-series products with minimal delay. We also assist companies in developing their latest custom packaging process to ensure their overall package is state-of-the-art. Additionally, we serve as a central point to give companies an overview of the Swiss photonics community, helping them find services that we may not offer ourselves.” Regarding upcoming challenges, Dr. Peter Moselund emphasized that Swiss PIC is in the building phase, focusing on building the team and infrastructure initially. “In the long term, our main challenge will be establishing ourselves on the European map and becoming one of the world’s leading companies in some key packaging processes,” explained Dr. Peter Moselund.

The Swiss Photonics Integration Center Swiss PIC

The technology transfer center in the field of photonics promotes knowledge exchange between research and industry, focusing on optical components and systems that transport and process light particles, also known as photons. The emphasis is on micro-optical hybrid photonics systems, photonic integrated circuits, and quantum photonics. Swiss PIC will establish facilities to integrate even the smallest optical components into larger systems or devices and test them. In Switzerland, many companies and research groups develop and produce innovative photonic components, often lacking access to corresponding facilities. Swiss PIC intends to close this gap by making such facilities accessible and supporting companies in implementing their own integration and packaging solutions in their manufacturing. Swiss PIC primarily offer its services to start-ups and SMEs, providing guidance in design or even building customized comprehensive infrastructures for photonics packaging, enabling customers to produce small series.